Chocmod innovates and receives recognition from an American magazine specializing in snacking products.

Pretzel and Peanut chocosnacks voted "Best new product 2020" by Store brands USA magazine. Gourmet, sweet / savory, innovative, Truffettes de France chocosnacks are winning over more and more consumers with their originality!

Launched in February 2020 in the Chocmod range of snacking products, chocosnacks are chocolate candies generously sprinkled with pretzel chips or salted peanuts. Available in resealable doypacks, they are the perfect snack for foodies of all ages.

Incredible pretzels and peanuts for a snacking break never seen before!

The trend for products with sweet / salty flavors is taking hold on our shelves. Try the experience: Fancy an indecent and surprising chocolate treat? The peanut and pretzel ChocoSnack are irresistible! Chocmod has created for you a delicious cocoa snack covered with a thin layer of crunchy dark chocolate and savory, crispy and savory peanut chips and pretzels. Enjoy it without restraint!

Product assets
• Trendy pretzel shards
• Timeless peanut chips
• A “bite-size” format suitable for snacking-type consumption
• Resealable and resistant packaging
• A fun and irresistible design

To discover very soon in your favorite stores!

Innovation and pleasure are at the heart of the values ​​shared by all Chocmod teams.
- With hundreds of tests and research carried out each year in our 2 R&D laboratories in France and Canada, Chocmod's mission is to always be at the forefront of trends and to transform them into gourmet chocolate products accessible to all.
- The pleasure is to design and produce chocolates that are both traditional and original, tasty and irresistible!

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