Chocosnack… does that inspire you? An incredible combination of sweet and savory: dark chocolate and pieces of salted pretzels or peanuts. The newborn of the Chocmod collection of innovative products has just received the nomination among the "SIAL INNOVATION PARIS 2020 Selection". A great reward for all the teams! You will have the pleasure of being able to taste them during SIAL Paris 2020 or very soon in your favorite stores!

Want an indecent and surprising chocolate sweetness ? Choco Snack The Choco Snack peanuts and pretzel are irresistible! Truffettes de France has created a delicious chocolate snack covered with a thin layer of crunchy dark chocolate and peanut chunks and savory, crispy and tasty pretzels. Take advantage in unrestrained!

2 innovative recipes are offered in our range:
• Salted pretzel & chocolate: The tender truffle core is surrounded by a crunchy chocolate shell and crispy pretzel chunks.
• Salted peanut & chocolate: The tender heart of turffe is surrounded
by a crunchy chocolate shell and crispy peanut chunks.

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