Chocolate truffles from a master chocolatier
Pascal Brunstein, MOF at the service of the ultimate truffle

Immersed in a cocoa atmosphere since childhood, Pascal Brunstein has never stopped experimenting and creating around the precious product of chocolate. Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier then World Champion in the discipline, he has put all his knowledge at the service of numerous projects.
A magician of the chocolate pod, driven by a constant desire to reinvent himself, he shares the desire to make haute couture chocolate-making accessible to all.

Exceptional expertise accessible to all

So it's only natural that he should team up with Truffettes de France to create a new truffle experience, with recipes that are resolutely gourmet, refined yet accessible, French-style truffles.

Exceptional truffles

Coated with a fine layer of slightly crunchy chocolate and cocoa powder, each truffle is irregularly unique and always deliciously melting and silky soft to the core. Incredibly irresistible, the range of truffles is available in 3 recipes: plain dark chocolate 70% de Cacao, Heart with Caramel pointe de sel and Heart with Praliné Noisette. Carefully packaged in their box, they preserve all their flavors and will surprise anyone who receives them.

A creamy heart, a delicately crunchy coating of 70% cocoa chocolate from Ecuador, and a delicate sprinkling.

A characterful truffle with a unique double texture, for a balanced & deliciously bittersweet chocolate experience.

A lightly crunchy milk chocolate shell conceals a heart that combines the creaminess of roasted hazelnut praline with the discreet crunch of feuillantine chips.

A meeting between the roundness of milk chocolate and the softness of a gourmet, subtly crunchy heart.

At its heart, a caramel with a unique and complex character, enhanced by crispy caramel chips and a hint of salt, enrobed in a delicately crunchy 70% cocoa dark chocolate shell from Ecuador, covered in cocoa powder.

The encounter between the power of 70% dark chocolate from Ecuador and the uniqueness of caramel mixed with delicate chips.

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