Truffettes de France

Good for good

Truffettes de France is committed to producing its delicacies in a responsible way, so that gourmets can enjoy them for a long time to come. All our recipes are palm-oil free and Rainforest Alliance* certified.


Truffettes de France is a French epicurean brand built around a group of gourmet gourmets. It's a daily celebration of gourmandise and a passion for good things. With an international presence, Truffettes France showcases its know-how of excellence, which it continues to boldly revisit and improve to offer even better, ever more innovative products! Made from carefully selected ingredients and lovingly crafted in our workshops by our chocolatiers, Truffettes de France products delight palates the world over and satisfy every craving for small pleasures... in complete simplicity!

In 2023, Truffettes de France gets a makeover

1948 - 2023: 75 years of colorful celebration!
Always with pleasure and savoir-faire, La Chocolaterie Moderne is renewing and evolving the image of its Truffettes de France brand. Gourmet, cheerful and refined: its chocolate creations are adorned with new finery to pay homage to French elegance in an art nouveau spirit. More than ever, Truffettes de France's mission is to modernize without distorting.

Infinitely good truffles

Truffettes de France and truffles go back a long way! For over half a century, we've been making truffles in all their forms, mastering every key stage in the process. But beyond this know-how of excellence born in France, it is still and always this mixture of audacity and modernity, doubled by our capacity to innovate, which enables Truffettes de France to offer original truffle recipes, varied & adapted to everyone's tastes! Our many creations bear witness to this: fancy truffles with cognac, maple syrup, coffee, caramel, pecan coating, organic, chocolate... etc.

The hardest part will probably be choosing!


And that's not all: in 2023, with the help of Pascal Brunstein, an equally discreet virtuoso of the French chocolate world, Truffettes de France will once again shake up its techniques to create THE ultimate truffle, a unique mouthful that sums up the singular trajectory of this chocolate factory that has never ceased to be modern.

Monstrously soft marshmallows

But Truffettes de France isn't just about truffles: it's also about the taste of nostalgia and pleasure rediscovered in soft, chewy marshmallows coated in delicately crunchy chocolate! Truffettes de France marshmallows have that little "je ne sais quoi" that reminds us of childhood and carefree moments: a real memory machine that appeals not only to children! What's more, some of them now have a fruity heart behind their cocoa shell, a touch of acidity for gourmets in search of contrasting sensations. The hardest part will probably be resisting them...!

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