Soft marshmallows: the other Truffettes de France nugget that's out of the mould!

You'll love our marshmallow teddy bears coated in delicately crunchy chocolate.

Soft from head to toe, they'll make you melt with happiness!

You'll find them in their mischievous kawaii* guise in milk and dark chocolate versions.

*Kawai = cute

Milk chocolate-covered marshmallow bears

Dark chocolate covered marshmallow bears

Bonbonnière Teddy Bear 3 Chocolates

And for those who don't want to choose, our incredible marshmallow bears also hibernate in their iconic (and refillable) marinière box, which also contains a brand-new white chocolate version!

Recipes for traditional marshmallows

Equally at home in chocolate and confectionery from the outset, it would have been a shame for Truffettes de France not to mix its 2 historical expertises in its teddy bear-shaped moulds! The opportunity was too good, and history will tell us that it was right.
Today, Truffettes de France marshmallows, like truffle paste, are a house signature, mastered from start to finish. With love and tradition, the know-how is happily handed down from generation to generation, because you're not born a confectioner, you become one!
Foisonnage, cooking in cauldrons, pouring, steaming: all crucial stages that require patience, experience and precision of gesture.

Unique know-how for marshmallows like no other

In our workshops, the first step is to make the molds in the shape of Teddy bears, which will leave their imprints on our starch racks, then filled with our secret weapon: marshmallow syrup, delicately swirled and cooked in a cauldron.
This is followed by hours and hours of hibernation before the Teddy bears are removed from the moulds and placed under a cascade of tempered chocolate, also concocted by us.
Dressed in this way, our Teddy bears can reveal all their secrets: a delicately crunchy chocolate coating concealing an airy, ultra-soft marshmallow.

Soft and fruity: a sure-fire favorite

Truffettes de France also offers a marshmallow heart with a raspberry-flavored topping, covered in a delicately crunchy dark chocolate shell. Love at first sight guaranteed!

Raspberry-flavored marshmallow hearts
& coated in dark chocolate

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